Where to Buy What

Hendersonville Produce:
other grass-fed meats
coconut flakes/flour
coconut oil
coconut aminos (like soy sauce)
almond flour
arrowroot starch
kombucha (fermented tea)
butter and ghee (clarified butter)
beef jerky
nut butters
Jeni's ice cream (for the kids of course)

Simple Truth Organic Chicken
Boars Head meats
unsweet coconut (baking isle)
Organic section……
Applegate sausage (freezer)
canned coconut milk
almond milk
coconut water
coconut crystals
enjoy life chocolate chips
Theo chocolate bars
tapioca starch
Muir Glen tomatoes/paste/sauce
chicken broth
veganese (like mayo)
nut butters
face greek yogurt

Trader Joes:
nuts (cheaper here)
olive oil (love the one with the pouring spout)
cut up veggies including butternut squash
goat cheese
frozen fish
Kerrygold butter
dog treats :)
There are lots of others things I like here…but they don't necessarily fit in with a nutrition challenge.

Whole Foods:
I will sometimes go to WF to get a few things I can't find locally.  This is NOT necessary….but if you go check out Pederson's paleo friendly bacon.  YUM

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